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425 000 CZK for property

Horní Suchá, K Prádlu 1

brick construction, worse condition, 4th floor, downtown location, city canalization

1 800 000 CZK for property

Dolní Břežany

1 862 000 CZK for property
in magazine

Praha 8, Pod bání 1

personal ownership, mixed construction, good condition, 2nd floor, central (remote) heating, gas installed, city canalization, energy class G (>256 kWh/m²/year)

2 320 000 CZK for property

Komorní Lhotka

prefabricated frame construction, property under construction, 1st floor, solid fuel - central heating, secluded location, septic tank

2 550 000 CZK for property

brick construction, good condition, 3rd floor, secluded location

3 000 000 CZK for property


brick construction, very good condition, energy class E (163-205 kWh/m²/year)

5 000 000 CZK for property

Liberec, Nádraží 1

prefabricated frame construction, worse condition, B class road, gas installed, city canalization, energy class G (>256 kWh/m²/year)

17 774 000 CZK for property
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